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We're a passionate group of debaters from Goddard Kansas that work hard to achieve great things with communications and critical thinking ability. We have been lucky enough to attend debate tournaments all over the state of Kansas as well as Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas. Our success and ability to travel to these amazing opportunities depends on the support of our friends, family and community. We would be grateful in any help to be able to attend these opportunities, and look forward to sharing our success and memories with you.
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  • Northwest 10/13

    It was a fun day of debate, in which all four novice teams had winning records, and we learned a lot! Thank you all for supporting us!

  • East High!


  • Wichita East

    Thank you all so much for the help you provide. Thought an update would be appropriate. We had a great September start to our season, receiving DCI bids at all three tournaments we went to, highlighted by winning sweepstakes and closing out Finals at the Wichita East Blue Aces Invitational. Next stop, Oklahoma, where we take are talents to the south. Can't wait for the opportunity for the students to show what they can do.

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  • Welcome!

    We are looking forward to accomplishing great things this year and opening new doors for a group of wonderful students. Our first Varsity Debate Tournament is officially September 14/15 at Washburn Rural High School in Topeka. Can't wait to show what we know, we are working hard.

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    Our team has officially started accepting credit card donations. We need awesome team members and donors like you to share this link and tell your community why you support Eisenhower High School Eisenhower Debate!


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